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Call Me Ladro

Bio: Call Me Ladro is blend of hip hop,jazz,soul,reggae and poetry.The sound is familiar yet unique
in the sense that the back bone and beat of the music is very hip hop based yet the melody's have a soulful jazzy/reggae feel. Rubio(vocals and djembe) provides a poetic approach to his lyrics as well as a reggae vibe mixed with African style rhythms. Whether performing with a live band or using instrumentals Call Me Ladro always brings an energy to every performance that can not be denied or ignored. The passion and love for the music shows through his movements and engagements with the crowd during his sets.

"Ive never been a "notice me" type of mc. I let the music speak for itself. Life is poetry, I'm a poem. The world can't see my thoughts, so i show em." -Ladro



Music Videos


"Here’s a real interesting creative video, albeit a bit scary, from Seattle rapper Call Me Ladro for “Voice.” The track is his first single for the upcoming “BudahJade EP.” Props to Ladro for having a sign language expert and a male ballet dancer perform!"

- D-Money (Go Juice Radio) 'Call Me Ladro "Voice"'

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